Why get a brand new flat roof?

new flat roof in liverpool

There are more flat roofs in Liverpool than you might imagine. From garden buildings to small extensions there are thousands of small flat roofs as part of residential properties. There are also the large extensions, bungalows and larger residential and commercial buildings with flat or low incline roofs as part of the property. It’s rare that the whole roof is flat or low incline, more often than not it’s adjoined to a main more traditional tiled roof.

These roofs can often take the worst of the weather, debris and general punishment of time and may wear out quicker than perhaps they should. So whether you take action early or put it off as long as you can, there comes a time to replace it and get yourself a new flat roof.

We can replace like with like and are perfectly comfortable with traditional flat roofing materials like felt roofing or fibreglass but our specialism is installing the most modern high performance flat roofing systems and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Replacing your old flat roof with a modern single ply membrane roofing system has so many benefits and the public may not be aware of how good these systems can be.

Reasons to get a new flat roof

  • Sorting an old roof can prevent any further damage, deterioration from the passage of time. If your current roof is leaking that damage is mounting fast.
  • A new flat roof can really boost the attractiveness of your home
  • It can also add worthwhile value to a property because of looks & what it means for future maintenance
  • Materials have really advanced, a single ply system is slick, well sealed and near impervious to weather or at least for the first few decades.
  • Installation methods & roofing systems work together better than ever. Modern systems are designed to be installed rather than made to work (like traditional methods), it’s faster, more accurate and has a range of advanced solutions for things like skylight windows, vents & sealing in difficult corners.
  • The guarantees are impressive. 15-20 years guaranteed (depending on exact product) means they’re sure it won’t let you down and it’s likely to last a lot longer.
  • Expert installers are bringing industrial grade materials to the domestic flat roof market, the costs are low, the materials more than proven and the looks and performance is fantastic.

Contact experts in flat roofing about a new flat roof

We’ve worked with single ply flat roofing for decades. We installed it when it was a new commercial product and have worked with it through the years as it’s become more widely available for homes. If you’re interested in a new flat roof, we’d welcome your enquiry, feel free to contact us