Flat roof overlay systems

Roof overlay systems can be an excellent way to get the performance of a new flat roof for a fraction of the cost

A flat or low-incline roof overlay system is constructed over an existing roof structure to provide a much-enhanced barrier to the elements. This can mean making far fewer changes to the underlying structure of a roof whilst getting a huge improvement in insulation, drainage and appearance.

A roof overlay system isn’t suitable for every roof structure, they can’t be applied everywhere and particularly where there is extensive damage to the sub-structure. A roof inspection from an experienced roofer will determine what your best options are.

Benefits of flat roof overlay system

If you have an older roof, perhaps with some problems and maybe reaching the end of its natural life, you might be considering extensive repairs that amount to replacement of the entire roof. In many of these cases a roof overlay system can be applied, reducing the need to remove all of the old roof structure but leaving you with a brand new and superior barrier against the outside world.

  • A brand new barrier against the elements with an extensive guarantee
  • Completely renovates an old roof
  • Can totally remedy insulation issues
  • Much lower cost than a complete rebuild

Let us handle your flat roof overlay upgrade

Flat Roofing people are a company with decades of experience working on flat roofing projects for homes and businesses across Liverpool and Merseyside. We’ve worked with every style and type of flat roof and can give sound advice on how to approach your roof overlay job.

Flat roofing is all we do, working with a specialist means we are ideally prepared and equipped to deliver efficient work and we’ve got all the experience it takes to make a great job of your roof overlay system.

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Our customers get free estimates and advice before deciding on a flat roofing solution. We encourage you to send us some pictures and a description of your issue through our contact page. We aim to get back to you with an estimate or to arrange a site visit within 24 hours.

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