Felt roofing

Also known as

Felt paper, asphalt paper, roll roofing, bitumen flat roofing


Cost effective, works well within its lifespan, relatively breathable reducing risk of condensation


Degrades quicker than other types of flat roofing material, limited choice of colours and finishes

Bitumen felt flat roof diagram with layers

Felt & Asphalt flat roofing

Felt roofs come in a variety of types and can be applied using several methods. It’s also known as asphalt, bitumen or felt roofing. It consists of several layers, and so is also called built up roofing (BUR), and is built up to provide optimum waterproofing, breathability and an attractive finish. The first layer is the vapour control layer. This protects your flat roof from condensation by providing a waterproof but breathable seal. Next layers of bitumen felt are rolled over the roof, this is built up of several layers for improved waterproofing. Then chippings are applied on top of the bitumen. Their main role is to protect the roof against sun damage but can also help to weigh the roof down to prevent wind damage.
When installed properly these roofs look neat and attractive making them a great option for many domestic flat roofing projects, such as sheds and garages.  If they’re properly maintained by being kept tidy and regularly re-coated they can last for over 30 years.

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